As visual storytellers and coaches, we help
leaders design presentations that resonate.
We help speakers deliver their content with
confidence and efficiency


We will help you work on all steps of a successful presentation preparation

Storytelling and speech

Slide design



Wether live or virtual, public speaking is the other half of a great presentation.
To make your message resonate, you need to build confidence and efficiency in your delivery skills.


Presentation software can cover many storytelling needs.
But you often need more complex animations to clearly share your story.
It is then time to use dedicated animation expertise and software.
These tools enable a whole new world of content delivery, matching special effects seen in TV or movie titles.


Driving technology for leading brands


We launched Cristou and Partners after for 10 years working in big groups’ marketing and communication departments. We felt deeply frustrated with the state of presentations. So much time wasted and so many teams demotivated, with no clear call to action and no desire to follow a leader.It did not have to be that way.We love stories. We feel they have the power to transform people, companies and societies. Visual presentation is the most widely used and one of the most efficient way to empower your audience and call them to action.Drawing our professional experiences from online marketing, story writing, visual arts, animation, print design and street art, we are a tight knit boutique agency, tailored to your needs.



126 rue de Picpus
75012 Paris, France

8 cours de la Marne,
33800 Bordeaux, France


Email b.cristou@mac.com

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